Sample Lesson Plan

Curriculum Connections


Connecting topics to Ultrahard carbon films and interferometry:


1.      Electrons in Atoms

2.      Spectroscopy

3.      Organic chemistry

4.      Quantum chemistry

5.      Carbon and its allotropes

6.      Bonding and isomerism



1.      Waves and wave properties

2.      Electromagnetic waves

3.      Light and its properties

4.      Optics




 Outreach undertakings include the following:

1.       Arrange for student visits to Penn /Drexel:

a.       Shadowing Day

b.       “College for a Day”

c.        Lab Tour

d.       Summer mentorship programs (recommend prospective applicants).

e.        Summer engineering experience (recommend prospective applicants).

2.       Arrange for Drexel/Penn Faculty Presentations in affiliate schools.



3.       Diversifying lesson activities to include some of the probe and curriculum activities and strategies learned during the RET-NANO 2008 program.


4.       Involve  students in science fairs, exhibitions and get in touch with societies and organizations with which inspired students can affiliate as a way of identifying themselves with science and engineering-based programs and careers.


5.       Involve students more in project work, making posters and presentations as a means of boosting their confidence in the science, math and engineering-related fields.


6.       Involve some of the resourceful organizations such as Science in Motion.


7.       Seek funding for science and math undertakings.


8.       Demonstrate the relevance of nanotechnology based products, including nanopants.


9.       Teach students on how to use computer application programs, web design, the Internet, World Wide Web, and technology in general to do science as opposed to entertainment only!





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