Outreach Plan for Drexel/Penn Proposed by Michele Cook




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School year 2008-2009

1.The students of New Media Technology Charter School will be attending theNanoDay @ Pennon October 29, 2008.

2.I will be receiving Solar Cell Kits fromJames McGonigle , Associate Director for Programs Nano/Bio Interface Center University of Pennsylvania. These kits will be incorporated in the Surface area and the solar cell lesson plan.

3.I will be checking out media that James McGonigle has put together in the teacher nano-library to incorporate in the lesson for the school year.

4.New Media Technology Charter School has professional development for teachers every Wednesday during the school year. I would like to have a representative from Drexel or Penn facilitate at least two sessions during the school year. The topic can include intro to nanotechnology in the class room, summer opportunities for teachers and students.

5.I plan to enroll my students in the College Connection for Science, Engineering and Technology program at community college for the school year. The colaboration provides high school students exposure to science, technology, engireering and mathematics disciplines.

6.Nanotechnology Capstone Semester at Penn State University /Facilities Tours (field trip)

Summer Programs for the summer of 2009

High School Students Programs

The School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Pennsylvania invites highly motivated and talented high school students to apply to participate in our three-week Summer Academy in Applied Science and Technology (SAAST).  The SAAST Nanotechnology Program (NP) introduces students to those concepts necessary to understanding why very small systems exhibit unique behavior.  Students will engage in hands-on activities in imaging and manipulating nanostructures, both 'top down' and 'bottom up' approaches to making nanostructures, and devices based on nanotechnology.


Programs for Teachers


Target Audience: College and University Faculty, Secondary Science and Technology Teachers, Vocational-Technical Teachers, Guidance Counselors, school administrators and others.

Where: Penn State Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization

101 Innovation Blvd., Suite 114

University Park - State College, PA 16802

When: June 2009

  1. I will be introducing the staff at New Media Technology Charter School about the programs that are offered at PENN and Drexel for teachers.
a.Research Experience for Teachers (RET- NANO)
b.RETAIN Program
  1. I will be introducing the staff to the capstone program at Penn State.


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