Charlotte Veloski


Contact Information

 Charlotte Veloski

Phildelphia Military Academy
at Elverson
13th & Susquehanna Streets,
Philadelphia, Pa 19122

About Me

I am currently a graduate student in the dept. of Education at Drexel University. I am participating in the Noyce scholarship program, an NSF-funded program that encourages Math and Science professionals to teach in high-need school districts. I will be teaching Chemistry this year at the Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson, a public high school within the school district of Philadelphia.
I have an M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science ( Now the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia), and I have a B.S. in Chemistry at Drexel University.
I am returning to teaching after a career in Science that includes laboratory research experience as well as community college teaching experience. For several years, I worked in the Virology department of Merck &Co., as a research biochemist doing molecular biology and biochemistry research. I was also an adjunct instructor of Chemistry at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP).


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