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  Colleen Harte

During my masters program I was introduced to many outstanding professors in the field of Mathematics; two of which were Dr. Jesse Rudnick and Dr. Stephen Krulik.These two professors offered more insight and research ideas on problem solving than four years of undergraduate courses in Mathematics.They taught a class of teachers to focus on how to help students think, how to look at problems, how to break them down to understandable terms and how to think outside the box.It changed my teaching style and methodology.  These past experiences have led me to the Drexel Retain Program.I am always looking for ways to peak interest and encourage investigation in my students to make the connections to the real world that is all to often missing from the classroom activities.It has brought full circle the issues in classrooms of thinking outside the box, problem solving, and forming inter-disciplinary connections to bring more hands-on activities into my classroom. This experience has sparked a new desire within me to teach outside the box and create an environment where students feel they can ask questions and help to figure out answers.

Let Examination, Experimentation, Exploration, and Enthusiasm Begin!


The College of New Jersey, BA in Mathematics, 1999

Temple University, MsED in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology in Education, 2004

Temple University, Supervisor Certification, 2006

CHS Mascot - Panthers

Current Position:

Collingswood School District

Collingswood High School

Collingswood, New Jersey

Mathematics Department

Current Courses Taught:

Geometry - Inclusion

Algebra II

SRA Math - Special Review Assessment

Gifted and Talented Math

Contact Information

School Phone: 


Email: harteco@collingswood.k12.nj.us

Home Email: collharte22@hotmail.com

School Website: www.collingswood.k12.nj.us

School Address:

424 Collings Ave               Collingswood, NJ, 08108



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