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The Instron 4442


Research Summary

Biologically Inspired Robotics

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Dr. James Tangorra and his research students, Mary Milone, Christopher J Esposito and Jonah Gottlieb in the Laboratory for Biological Systems Analysis.

Under the direction of Dr. Tangorra, research students are developing a robotic fish. The use of biorobotic models can aid in our understanding of aquatic prolusion.

My assignment involved evaluating materials to be used as the covering for the caudal fin, (tail) and the fin rays of the robotic fish.

The research that I conducted involved determining the strain and modulus of elasticity of several blends of polyester fabrics. This required me to learn how to set up and use a tensile tester machine and to use a dial indicator for measuring thickness.

This research experience resonated many of the desired learning outcomes depicted in the scope and sequence ofthe core curriculum in science of the PhiladelphiaSchool District such as:

Journal Writing, Computations involving demensional analysis, Cooperative Learning, working with manipulatives, data presentation and analysis.


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