Outreach Plan

Teaching methods like curriculum itself are ever changing. The research that I performed during these past five weeks is really only one phase of a project in the Biomaterials Laboratory to develop injectable hydrogels for spinal cord injury repair. While I accomplished the first phase of the testing and I’ve built a unit plan around the RET experience, I’d like for my mentors to actually see the plan in operation. Therefore, looking forward to a partnership with Drexel in developing this part of our curriculum, I propose the following:

To invite RET mentors, Professor Lowman (Drexel) and Dr. Comolli (Villanova) to visit Father Judge to observe classes based on my RET research

With my poster as a starting point, engage our students in following the progress
of the second phase of the overall project, specifically evaluating the bioactivity
of the hydrogel to support nerve cell development. This will be done by:

Student field trips to the Biomaterials Laboratory

On some basis discussed with Professor Lowman, Father Judge students
participate in some aspect of the development and testing of hydrogels

Continue to work with Professor Lowman to develop additional lesson plans built around the work of the Biomaterials Laboratory

To stimulate interest in engineering careers, invite Drexel graduate students to Father Judge during the school year and on our Career Day to speak to students about their research and careers in engineering


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