About My RET Experience



Working In a Research Lab

After teaching about laboratory methods for so many years, this program gave me a chance to see what things are like in the real world of research.  One of the things I came to appreciate was the length of time it takes to conduct an actual experiment.  It was a great departure from the teaching routine where we try to fit a lab experience into a 45 minute class period. 

Pictured at the right are two instruments I used to characterize the hydrogel.  The top view shows the Instron 4442 used to test the compressive modulus of the hydrogel scaffold.  The lower view shows the UNITYINOVA 500 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for determining the ratio of copolymers in the hydrogel by analyzing NMR patterns.

One of the great satisfactions was testing a polymer that I had prepared, not some one else"s. 




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