Outreach Plan


After careful discussion and deliberation members of the LBSA (Laboratory for Biological Systems Analysis) and I have come up with what we consider a viable and doable plan.

Phase 1: Members of the LBSA have consented to participate in several planed visits during the instructional day and after school. During the instructional day Drexel research students will interact with Woodbury Junior Senior High School students in an interactive discovery laboratory activity. These activities will focus on Biologically Inspired Robots and Robotic Design.

Phase 2: Selected students will be invited to Drexel to tour the laboratory and spend some time with a Drexel research student. A few highly motivated students will get the opportunity to shadow an undergraduate student for a day, following that student through their class schedule and getting a feel for what studying science and engineering is like fist hand.

Phase 3: Our Robotics Team will participate in Drexel sponsored events. LBSA students will assist me with the Robotics Team and will interact with students as they learn the basics of robot design. It will be our goal to competitively compete in the Sea Perch Challenge and BEST robotic competition.

Phase 4: As we interact together, students will be provided with information about programs in engineering and science at Drexel. I will help identify students who are interested in Drexel programs and initiatives and guide them through the application process.


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